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Sound Healing Association of Ireland

Sacred  Sound  Studio  N. Ireland

Promoting Health & Well-being using Sound.

Sacred Sound Studio N. Ireland  is based in Newtownards, though we regularly travel to other venues around the country.  We provide Tibetan gong sound sessions, sacred voice workshops and one on one healing sessions.
For the Sound Sessions we use a variety of instruments, this includes Large Tibetan Tam Gongs, Solfeggio Chimes, Therapy Singing Bowls, Zephrs, Chinese Temple Bells, Steel Tongue Drum, Chimes, Bowls, Thunder Boxs, Rain stick..
These enable the body to relax into a beautiful restive state, and as you rest the gongs use vibration to help ease any blockages in your system.  The body is made up of 70% water and the vibration helps re-align and smooth out issues in your body.  Your chakra system is given a healthy boost as we  give you a blissful healing experience.
For thousands of years around the world, sound has been used as a sacred tool to heal and carry prayer into the divine. From the first breathe of a newborn baby to our last breathe we are surrounded by vibration, some positive, some negative.   Science is now finding more out about the use of sound on ancient sites such as Stonehenge and Newgrange.
Many tribes still use sound to drive out disease and bad spirits.
In these sessions we choose to use vibration positively to promote well being and good mental health. Our everyday life bombards us with sound vibrations from radio, TV, to universal background radiation. Giving our ears a well earned break is essential.  Just as hearing your favourite piece of music lifts your spirits so do the amazing tones from Gongs and our other instruments gently lift you to a divine space within yourself.
In our Sacred Voice workshops we show you how to use your voice, promoting confidence.  Using simple techniques and Sacred Vowels you will soon be vocalising your inner power. Tapping into your chakras, strengthening your body and mind. Learning how to use singing bowls, and enjoy guided sound meditation. At the end of the day relax and chill out in our full immersion Tibetan gong sound session to send you home blissed out.
Using specially weighted Tuning Forks and Therapy singing bowls we offer a one on one session personalised to suit you.  Tailored to your medical needs, or simply as a pampering session, you will feel the benefits of this amazing sound healing technique.
Workshops in Voice & Sound
  1. Workshop Session
  2. Full Immersion Sound Session
  3. Full Immersion Sound Session
  4. Great Way to Fully Relaxed